FAQ’s Choice R-421 HVAC Equipment

Choice 421a Condensers



1.Why not replace with a new R410a condenser?

A: The inside “Coil” for most equipment manufactured before 2010 was designed and rated to operate at the specific pressures for R22 refrigerant. R410a operates at significantly higher pressures than R22 which means that the metering device that controls refrigerant flow must be changed to one that is set for R410a. Additionally, switching to R410a may require line sets be changed to a larger sizing.

Also,exposing the R22 designed indoor coil to the MUCH higher operating pressures of R410a could result in deterioration of the equipment causing leaks, efficiency loss, capacity loss, and eventually equipment failure.

2. Do I need to change anything on existing equipment?

A: Choice 421a condensers are designed to work with existing R22 designed equipment and line sets so there should be NO change required during installation.

3. Why not switch to all R410 a equipment now?

A: Changing out full split system Air Conditioners can be a costly and time-consuming  endeavor and can certainly put a dent in a monthly budget! Also, keep in mind that R410a is expected to be phased out of use in the next 8-12 years due to its high Global Warming Potential (GWP). This means that even if you switch to all R410a Air Conditioning equipment, you may be required to switch again sooner than you might think.

4. Who will handle any warranty claims for this equipment?

A: Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. is proud to assist in any warranty needs for Choice 421a equipment. All Choice 421a Condensers come standard with a 5-year parts and compressor warranty.

5. Can I use another refrigerant besides R421a?

A: Coupled with the facts that R421a does not contain any type of butane and has an operating pressure that matches R-22 almost exactly, RSI strongly suggests its use over any other R22 alternative refrigerant. This helps to ensure that both your new condenser and existing indoor unit will last for as long as possible.