Choice R-421A/R22 Condensers

   R421-A/R22 Condensers


  • Equipment approved for Choice R421a refrigerant with full 5-year parts warranty
  • Full G90-equivalent galvanized steel chassis components to resist corrosion and rust
  • Powdercoat paint protects all exterior panels
  • Two stamped steel louvered panels protect condenser coil from mechanical damage
  • High efficiency (14 SEER) microchannel aluminum coil
  • Factory installed liquid line filter drier
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States of America
  • Matching indoor air handlers, furnaces, and coils available
  • Warranties handled directly by Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. 


  • No longer necessary to replace failed R22 condensing units with new R410a condensers as Choice R421a condensers are compatible with existing R22 indoor equipment
  • New Refrigerant Solutions, Inc.’s Choice R421a condensers operate at pressures almost identical to liquid pressures of R22 and slightly lower than R22 vapor pressures, greatly reducing the probability of older R22 evaporator coils failing after a new R410a condenser is installed with significantly higher R410a refrigerant pressures
  • Existing refrigerant line sets for R22 can continue to be used and do not need to be replaced
  • Existing R22 metering devices can be used with Choice R421a condensers 

Bottom Line: 

Changing out failed R22 condensers to Refrigerant Solutions, Inc.’s new Choice R421a equipment avoids the additional cost of installing a new R410a system. Lower total cost is achieved by reducing the probability of older R22 evaporator coils “blowing out” after pairing with new R410a condensers. A new Choice R421a condenser more closely matches the evaporator coil pressures of R22 as opposed to the much higher pressures of R410a.


When the time comes, as it is inevitably will, and the older indoor evaporator coil fails, matching indoor equipment for Refrigerant Solutions, Inc.’s Choice R421a condenser unit is available. This ensures continued use of your newer Choice R421a condenser unit.


Designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States of America, Refrigerant Solutions, Inc.’s line of Choice R421a HVAC equipment provides assurance of quality performance for years to come.