NEWS ALERT: When Will The Lies End….


One of the things that has amazed me from the very beginning of the use of alternative refrigerants for R22 is the amount of misinformation that is given out by the distributors who promote and sell them.  “Just use it like R22” is the most common piece of information regarding R22 alternatives that is 100% wrong.  If you have attended one of our classes on “Alternative Refrigerants” you are aware of what we teach…”if you could treat the alternative like it was R22 it would be in a green R22 canister with R22 written on the side of it”.  And since no alternative is R22, you are required to know what makes each of them different and what must be done with them to make them work correctly in a refrigeration system built for R22.

So, it was no surprise to me when I saw a competitor’s current advertisement that many of you may have already seen.  This information was distributed with the heading “Compatibility with Lubricant”.  Underneath this heading was “Warning:  R-421a has oil in the cylinder, which could be flammable”.  Now why do you suppose this advertisement was sent out to many property management companies?  Especially since underneath the “warning” was a listing of alternatives stating whether a hydrocarbon was used in the blend of each alternative.  Of the alternatives listed (R-438a (MO99), R-422b, R-422d, R-424a (RS-44), and R-421a) all but one used a hydrocarbon (n-butane, isobutane, or methyl butane), meaning they all contained one or more of these flammable hydrocarbons.  The only exception was R-421a, which the advertisement correctly identified as not using a hydrocarbon.  So, knowing that many technicians have a problem using an R22 alternative that uses a hydrocarbon, the advertisement suggests that the lubricant used in R-421a MAY be flammable.  Simply stated, this is a classic example of introducing an absolute fabrication of the truth (or outright lie if you prefer to call it by what it truly is) to create doubt about a product that is absolutely “kicking tail and taking names” in the alternative refrigerant business…R-421a.

To set the record straight, here is the unvarnished truth.  There is nothing flammable in the components used in R-421a.  No hydrocarbons, no R-32, nothing.  It is simply the best alternative refrigerant for R22 on the market today.  It is also the only one that adds lubricant every time you charge with R-421a, and that lubricant is compatible with mineral, AB, and POE oil.

So, if you are concerned about potential flammability of components found in alternative refrigerants for R22, look no further than R-421a.  No flammable hydrocarbons are components used in R-421a, and the proprietary oil used in this industry leading alternative is NONFLAMMABLE.   By use of this lubricant, R-421a can be used with mineral, AB, and POE oil.  And what does all this mean?  Simply that R-421a is the only two component, easiest retrofit, closest R22 temperature/pressure match, lubricant added alternative for R22 on the market today.

It really is just that simple.

And, just for the record, those of you who are now using R-421a know everything I have written to be true.  If you aren’t using R-421a, and instead using an alternative that contains a flammable hydrocarbon or requires a complete oil change, give us a call.  We’ll be glad to give you all the details…and tell you the truth.  It’s always much more pleasant to stand on the facts!!

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