NEWS ALERT: Toto, We aren’t in Kansas Anymore…..



Hardly anyone doesn’t know where the movie line above originated. In the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, after Dorothy regains consciousness following the tornado, she wakes up to find herself in a strange new location…the land of Oz. This land and its inhabitants was vastly different from what she knew in Kansas, so much so that she is at a loss as to know exactly what to do or even how to act. She is so confused that she finally looks down at her little dog, Toto, and tells him “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore”.

That same statement could easily be changed today to “folks, we aren’t doing business the same way anymore”. And how true that would be. Without doubt the best example of this change is Amazon, an online retailer who started out selling books and music through an internet website. Through extensive marketing, addition of products and services, and innovative solutions regarding customer order fulfilment, Amazon is changing the way business is done in our country. Giants of the retail business such as Sears, Kmart, Macy’s, J. C. Penney, Radio Shack, etc. are now closing stores and cutting jobs. And the reason that is given for these changes is that Amazon has changed the way consumers shop.

Consider the following news quotes. “Retailers that make more of their sales in stores have suffered as buyers increasingly shop online. Some of the worst losses have gone to mall based retailers.“ “Within months of Amazon buying grocery company Whole Foods and saying it would start selling meal kits, grocery company Blue Apron replaced its CEO and said it would cut jobs.” “Grocery store stocks plunged after Amazon agreed to buy Whole Foods as investors feared Amazon would slash prices.” “Drugstores and prescription drug distributors stock fell following reports that Amazon might enter the prescription drug wholesale business.”

Wow! An internet based online retailer, Amazon, has changed the way consumers shop and purchase what traditionally has been done in person by visiting the retailers place of business. Instead, Amazon has allowed consumers to browse inventory, obtain product information, and make purchases that are delivered directly to their home. And they can do all this online at any hour of the day or night without ever picking up the phone or going to the retailer’s place of business. Yes, Toto, we aren’t in Kansa anymore.

At Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. we, too. are implementing ways to make doing business with us easier. We now offer an online store that allows our customers to browse our complete product lines, obtain detailed product information, place orders, and receive same day delivery in most cases. This can be done at any time from any phone, mobile device, or desk based computer. In other words, we are open when you want to shop, and not just when we unlock the doors at any of our locations.

So, since the way you shop is changing, RSI is changing with you. To take advantage of our new online store, please contact us at 205-987-4745 and ask for Christie. She will get from you the information needed to have you set up and ready to use our new online store the same day. Or, simply talk to your RSI Refrigerant Specialist and he or she will initiate the process for you. Best of all, its all free to have access to this new way of doing business with RSI.

At RSI we are committed to allowing business to be done with us the way that is best for YOU. Thank you for your business, and whether we talk to you in person, on the phone, through email, or through our new online store, our promise of unequaled service is still our guiding force. We can’t exist without you, and we will continue to search for new ways to earn your business.

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