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Property management technicians know all too well how frustrating it is to have an old R-22 condensing unit fail. The common “fix” is to replace the old R-22 condenser with a new R-410a condenser. This requires changing the metering device on the indoor coil to one that matches the higher pressures of R410a. Then, when the new condenser is turned on, they cross their fingers, and hope the evaporator coil does not rupture when the increased pressures of R-410a occur during the refrigeration cycle.

While indoor evaporator coil failure doesn’t happen every time, on those instances when it does, it becomes necessary to replace the indoor air handler and evaporator coil with new R-410a equipment. By doing this the cost of repair increases even more since the full system has now been replaced, rather than the less expensive option of just replacing the outdoor condensing unit.

Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. is proud to announce the solution for this problem. Instead of replacing the old R-22 condensing unit with a new R-401a condenser, install a new Choice R-421a condensing unit. Operating at the same pressures of R-22 in the liquid state and at reduced pressures on the suction side, this unit eliminates evaporator coil failures caused by the higher operating pressures of R-410a. In other words, it becomes unnecessary to replace entire systems, saving time and money through easier and quicker replacement. No existing metering devices have to be changed, no refrigerant line set changes are required, and the Choice R-421a condensing unit carries a full 5-year warranty on all parts. And, if you want to talk about quality (and who doesn’t), the Choice R-421a condenser comes with a full galvanized steel jacket, an automotive quality powder paint exterior finish, coated screws, and an aluminum microchannel coil. Quality built from top to bottom!!

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