About Us

If you are reading this, chances are excellent that your work activities include the handling of refrigerant. That being the case, you will be glad to know that Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. specializes in nothing but refrigerant. And while we obviously sell refrigerant, our specialty is providing solutions for the effective management of rising refrigerant costs, especially in regard to R22.

The EPA requires that all refrigerant be recovered from equipment being taken out of service, and the recovered refrigerant disposed of as specified by regulation. Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. helps you manage the recovery process by taking all of your recovered refrigerant.   However, for your recovered R22 refrigerant returned to us that can be reclaimed and cleaned to the purity standard of 99.5% as required by ARI-700-93, we offer significant savings. We do this by reclamation and cleaning done through our EPA approved reclamation process that results in the refrigerant being offered back to the recovering contractor at a price far below the current market cost.

In addition, we offer to our customers R421a, which is the only two blend refrigerant available in the market today as an alternative to R22. Operating from -60 degrees F to 150 degrees F at pressures within 0.14% of those for R22, retrofitting equipment to this refrigerant results in capacity and efficiency changes far less than any other. Unlike other alternative refrigerants for R22, changing to R421a requires no major modifications to equipment other than changing filter driers. Even better, it contains no butane or propane, is not flammable, and is environmentally “green”.   In addition, when changing failed R22 condensing units to dry charged condensing units, R421a is the perfect refrigerant to use. It matches R22 performance but at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, the EPA requires record keeping of all refrigerant recovered by a contractor. Unfortunately, this is one area where most contractors fall short regarding meeting those requirements. Refrigerant Solutions, Inc. provides the solution for this, as well. When a contractor allows us to reclaim and clean his recovered refrigerant, we provide EPA compliant records for every pound of recovered refrigerant returned to us. And, we provide these records at no cost.

With free recovery canisters delivered and picked up at no cost, recovered and reclaimed R22 sold back to the recovering dealer at below market pricing, EPA compliant record keeping, no contracts to sign, no upfront costs, acceptance of all your recovered refrigerant (pure, mixed, burned, etc.), and a proactive solution to reducing your dependence on R22 by changing to R421a, we believe that we truly offer our customers more value and cost savings than any other refrigerant company operating today. Our program works for HVAC contractors, property management companies, hospitals, universities, school systems, and countless others. We have a program designed for all of those customers in managing rising refrigerant costs, as well as the soon to be reality of R22 availability not being able to meet market demand.

Thank you for again for your interest!